School construction

In education sector different activities have been done in order to achieve the education for all. Since 2009 number of class rooms and their latrines have been constructed in order to help the kids in different area of Southern Province to attend the class near their leaving house.


source: from different perfomance report

source: from different perfomance report

ECD (Early Childhood Development)


It is defined as a comprehensive approach to policies and programmes for children from birth to eight years of age, their parents and caregivers, aimed at protecting the child’s rights to develop his or her full cognitive, emotional, social and physical potential” (UNESCO: 2001).


The goal of the ECD Policy is to ensure all Rwandan children achieve their potential, are healthy, well-nourished and safe, and their mothers, fathers and communities become nurturing caregivers through receiving integrated early childhood development services.

The ECD Policy is tailored to:

Support the reduction in infant and maternal mortality, and improve birth outcomes.

- Improve parents’ and legal guardians’ knowledge and skills in child development.

-  Ensure infants and toddlers of working mothers receive nurturing care and developmental services, and young children from three to primary school entry are well developed and prepared for success in school and life.

- To ensure that all children are ready to begin school at the correct age and this may entail the special provision of rapid school readiness programmes.

- Overcome child malnutrition, prevent and reverse developmental delays, and improve child development outcomes for children with disabilities.

- Reduce under-5 child mortality and morbidity.

 - Reduce the incidence of childhood illnesses and diseases.

- Ensure that child rights are respected and children are safe and secure

Since 2011 the ECD policy was start to be established and in Southern Province ECD's were constructed.


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