The Southern Province is in the South of Rwanda and has a common border with:

To the North: Kigali City,

To the East: The Eastern Province

To the West: The Western Province

To the South: Burundi.

The Southern Province has an area of over 5701 km ² and a population of more than  two million five hundred eighty-nine thousand nine hundred seventy-five( 2,589,975 ). The Southern Province is at an altitude of 1500 m to 2800 m. The temperature varies between11°C and 28°C. The 7% part of the Southern Province is made up of forests which occupy an area of more than 404 km ².

The Southern Province was created by law n°14/2013 of 25/03/2013 reviewing the law no 01/2016 of 24/01/2006 determining the organisation and functioning of the province . It was the result of the fusion of the former provinces of Gitarama, Butare and Gikongoro. It consists of eight (8) districts which are: Gisagara, Huye, Kamonyi, Muhanga, Nyamagabe, Nyanza, Nyaruguru and Ruhango. It is also composed of one hundred and one 101 sectors, 532 cells and 3501 villages.


The Province has  the following responsibilities:

1° to supervise and advise Districts on the implementation of Government programs;

 2° to carry out advocacy for Districts;

 3° to advise Districts on development activities;

 4° to oversee activities designed to maintain the safety of persons and property.