Executive Secretary

The Provincial Executive Secretariat consists of the Executive Secretary as well as the other agents appointed in conformity with the statutes which govern them.

The provincial agents are governed by the statutes of public service.

The Executive Secretary as well as other senior civil servants are appointed by a Prime Minister’s decree.

The other provincial agents are appointed and are dismissed by a decree of the Minister having Public Service in his/her attributions.



    §  To give instructions to the staff of the Province, coordinate and supervise their activities;

    §  To monitor activities that are carried out at the Provincial level

    §  Supervise the preparation and consolidation of the overall Province planning, monitor its implementation and ensure its submission to the Minister of Local Government;

    §  Track and control projects covering more than one District;

    §  Provide special advice and leadership to Provincial   development, Governance and social affairs programs.

    §  Participate in the Province Security Meeting and act as its secretary.

    Deputize for the Governor of Province in case of absence.


    §  Ensure the management of the personnel of the Province in accordance with national Human Resource Laws and regulations;

    §  Supervise staff capacity needs assessments and ensure their capacity building;

    §  Supervise and carry out first-level performance appraisal of the staff of the Province;

    §  Monitor the payment of staff remuneration and their career advancement;

    Ensure safety and security conditions at work place.


    §  Supervise the preparation of the Province Budget and its approval by indicated organs;

    §  Serve as the Chief Budget Manager and ensure adherence to existing Financial Regulations and Guidelines

    §  Monitor inflow and outflow funds; and use of property of the province and make mandatory reports to the Governor;

    §  Promoting accountability and transparency in the Province service delivery;

    §  Provide daily direction and leadership to all Provincial Staff and supervise their activities;

    §  Promoting safe custody of all properties, documents and records of Province;

    §  Review the files and other documents to be approved or signed by the Governor of Province;

    §  Follow up closely the tender process, award and contract management at the Provincial level;

    Ensure promotion of technology and its usage at Province Level.