After the restructuring of administrative organs, former provinces of Butare Gikongoro and Gitarama have been combined to make the Southern Province . Its headquarters is at Busasamana in Nyanza District.


Southern Province headquarter at Nyanza District in 1st and 2nd Flows of RSSB Pension Plaza

To better understand what a newly created province is, one has to consider history of the parts that compose it:

Gikongoro: The former Gikongoro Province is composed of a humid region of high mountains of the Congo-Nile Crete and of a temperate region at an average altitude. It is also made up of the natural forest of Nyungwe.

Gitarama: The former Gitarama province has two urban centres: Gitarama and Ruhango. It is in this part that can be found the Rock of Kamegeri which is a much known historical site, Busaga forest, the Sky of Kamonyi and other tourist spots.

Butare: Part of ex-Butare province and which is part of the Southern Province has often been called the cultural and intellectual capital since the past up to now. It is in this part  where  located the University of Rwanda The College of Arts and Social Sciences and Ethnographic Museum. Butare was called Astrida during the colonial times, a name received from the Belgians because of their queen Astrid.


Among the factors which made Butare known, one can mention Maraba Coffee which often occupies the top place among the best coffee brands of the world.

It is in this part with a mild climate of Nyanza District where the headquarters of the Southern Province is. Nyanza is known for its history as being the ancient royal capital, and even today it is there where there is king palace Museum-Rukari and National Art Gallery-Rwesero