Executive Admistrative assistant attributions

Executive Admistrative assistant attributions

-          Prepare the Executive Secretary’s agenda:

-  Prepare appointment schedule

-  Arrange for appointments

-          Prepare and manage correspondences :

.  To prepare correspondences of the Executive Secretary

.  To record, dispatch and assort office mail

.  To manage the filing of documents

.To ensure telephone communication within the Office

-          To receive and orient visitors of the Executive Secretary;

-          To file dossiers and  documents forwarded by the Executive Secretary;

-          To process and draft documents given by the Executive Secretary;

-          To keep the diary of appointments of the Executive Secretary;

-          To centralise all the needs in supplies and office materials necessary for the functioning of the City;

Arrange logistical details for all meetings chaired by the Executive Secretary


Provide legal opinions on dossiers and contracts engaging the  Province:

-          Deal with legal issues, providing legal advice on contractual, staff, financial and institutional matters to ensure their compliance with applicable laws, instructions, regulations and procedures 

-          Prepare model contracts and decisions to be adopted and used by the Province

-          Propose necessary amendments to contracts and agreements to avoid possible misinterpretation in support of the best interests of the  Province;

-          Prepare documents  and conclusions concerning litigious issues involving the institution for  the Attorney General;

-          Facilitate the interpretation of applicable laws, instructions, regulations and procedures ;

-          Monitor the implementation of applicable laws, instructions, regulations and procedures ;


Give legal opinions on litigious issues  involving the  Province:

-          Advise management on litigation risks and contribute to finding solutions to avoid litigation;

-          Advise management on the validity and conformity of procedures with the standing/applicable laws and regulations and seek for legal texts related to these requests

-          Analyze contentious files and/or requests emanating from users or agents of the  Province;

-          Propose solutions with competent authorities


Develop legal and regulatory provisions (by laws, instructions) of  the Province

-          Drafting legal texts regarding the  Province  and deliver legal opinions on the draft laws, instructions,  regulations and procedures;

-          Collect, safeguard decisions carrying jurisprudence on Province appeal, and establish the documentation to serve the institution in legal matters, and inform regularly the services concerned.;

Propose amendments on legal texts in order to improve quality of services and/or to facilitate reaching objectives set by the Province;

Secretary at central secretariat attributions

-Receive and send correspondence

-Register and file documents

-Organize and control the accurate organization of the central Secretariat;

-Sort mails and dispatch them in respective offices;

- Handle mailing services and post them;

 -Control the quality of documents before their transmission to people who entrusted them to        the pool;

-Supervise and organize appropriate recording of documents and mail in / Out of the institution;

 -Design the registration system and carry out daily classification of registered documents;

-Organize the annual document filing into the archives of the institution.

Good Governance and Social Affairs Director attributions

·         Develop and update good governance programs & strategies:

-          Evaluate existing programs,  projects and initiatives on good governance and provide advise for their improvement

-          Supervise studies on the promotion of decentralization and democratization from the perspective of empowering the population for decisions-making;

-          Develop quantitative and qualitative evaluation performance indicators in areas of good governance and decentralization

·         Put in place programs and strategies for the promotion of good governance at the  districts level:

-          Support and strengthen decentralization and participation of the population in decision making

-          Identify possible partnerships with stakeholders that could provide support to help Kigali City in implementing good governance programs;

-          Organise and carryout visits in the country and abroad to internalise factual implementation of territorial administration, good governance and decentralisation policies and programs

-          Analyse all documents and reports related to good governance and decentralisation made by the  districts & provide advise therefore (territorial administration and finance) 

·         Set up evaluation mechanisms for good governance:

-          Set up norms and evaluation standards for good governance programs & strategies

-          Organize evaluation missions for good governance at  districts level

-          Organize validation meetings for good governance-developed policy at the level of the population

-          Establish and verify the effectiveness of decentralization

-          Organize training sessions for the population on good governance

·         Promote Local Governance  and Territorial Administration Practices in districts:

-          Initiate the  program aiming to improve good governance through the sports and culture  programs;

-          Implement measures taken by the Executive Committee in the area of Good Governance

-          Coordinate women and youth programs and projects in  districts in collaboration with the National Council for Women and Youth

-          Ensure the elaboration and implementation of plans on Family Promotion , Gender , Youth, Sports and Culture in  District

-          Initiate programs and mechanisms promoting effective integration of youth & women in the production systems

·         Raise the position of woman within  Province and districts  through her integration into development programs and structures:

·         Ensure the sensitization of Province population on Gender-based concept through media and establishment of the organization of women structures

·         Implement measures taken by the  Province in the area of  Social and Governance

Identify possible partnerships with key stakeholders to provide support to Province in the implementation of good governance and social affairs programs

District Development Programs Director attributions

-          Supervise  Economic Development Strategies & Programs in Province,

-          Supervise  and provide technical guidance to programs and projects  in Districts

-           Develop strategies and programs to promote socio economic development in  districts:

-          Develop and propose strategic for the development of rural area of the Province

-          Monitor and evaluate the implementation of projects intervening in the development of rural areas of Province and  provide periodic reports on their performance including impact and make relevant recommendations 

-          Design project proposals and look for funds for establishment of projects to facilitate the implementation of the Province’s Rural development programs

-          Liaise with District, consolidate their reports on various activities in the rural development field

-          To assess the potential for agribusiness sector development, identify gaps, as well as future expansion, and advice on appropriate interventions

-          To advice on appropriate Programs for Agribusiness sector development;

-          To develop strategies and programs for facilitation of value addition in agricultural and livestock products;

-          Follow the implementation of  Industry, SMEs  & Cooperatives Promotion Policies and provide technical advise:

-          Develop and monitor realistic programs and projects supporting job creation and access:

-          Establish mechanisms  aiming to reduce unemployment providing access to employment and creation of job accessible to all the population and useful for economic activities of the country:

-          Provide technical advice and guidance to  Province & District on housing matters, infrastructures Mgt,   Development

-          Coordinate  all works of road construction and maintenance of the Province;

-          Set up evaluation mechanisms for  IDP, VUP and others development initiatives

Coordinate all districts programs related to Economic Development, Infrastructures Development,  Water and Sanitation Planning, and employment promotion

ICT officer aatributions

-    LAN & Wireless Network Administration:

§  LAN installation;

§  Network user training.

§  Maintenance of network systems;

§  Implementation of LAN policies and procedures;

-    Training on computer access, and access to office software

-    Maintenance and troubleshooting of Routers, Switches, Access Points, VoIP equipments (VoIP phones, IP-PBX)

-    Troubleshoot infrastructure issues around LAN/WAN performance,

-    LAN Security & Firewalls

-    Ensure preventive maintenance for computer facilities related to hard and software:

-    Identify and repair troubleshooting problems involved in faulty PCs, Laptop & Office Hardware

-    Repair eventual troubleshooting problems for data-processing tools

-    Carry out annual inventory on computer park of the institution (indicating materials and equipment for refurbishment) :

-    Inventory of all PC hardware and software, virus protection;

-    Inventory of network equipment

-    Advise the tender committee on computer equipment renewal

-    Control maintenance service activities performed by contractors who have been contracted for regular technical assistance on annual basis by the institution

Management and update of the Province website

Planning and Budgeting Director attributions

Prepare sector policies, strategies and plans : 

-          Collect the data and evidence for elaboration of sector policies , strategies and plans

-          Prepare the terms of reference of new projects

-          Establish the performance indicators of the sector programs and activities

-          Ensure that  the strategic plans are results-oriented 

-          Consolidate the plan of actions of units and institutions under the Province

-          Develop sector investment plans

-          Develop and strengthen a relationship   with stakeholders  and organize meetings  for annual review and reviews at the end of programs

Coordinate the budget preparation

-          Consolidate the budget from different units

-          Ensure the linkage between the plans and the budgets

-          Prepare the MTEFs

Monitor and evaluate:

-          Monitor the budget implementation according  to  programs and projects planned

-          Analyse the reports on programs implementation and evaluate results of programs and projects

-          Analyze and strengthen statistical data base of the institution

-          Ensure availability of statistical data for policy making

-          Monitor the budget execution

-          Evaluate the impact of the implementation of  policies and programs

Establish institutional relationship with Local Government

-          Ensure the integration of sector policies and strategies in the DDPs

-          Provide support to Local Government (financial, technical advisory)

-          Monitor the implementation of sector policies by Local Government

Coordinate the elaboration of the annual reports

-            Avail the format to be used in drafting of the annual reports

-          Consolidate the annual rapports on budget execution and performance reports

To initiate, plan and implement statistics program as required by the institution. Those regard:

-          Administrative data system and process

-          Special studies within the competence of the institution

-          Required surveys and census

-          Data analysis using statistical package

-          Compiling and dissemination of necessary sector statistics

-          Training of institution staff in statistical techniques

Take leading role together with NISR to ensure the accuracy of the statistics produced by the institution:

-          Put in place a system of  the data quality control

-          Participate in survey methodology development

-          Ensure the standard definitions of indicators for purposes of comparison

To ensure sound liaison and partnership with the producers and users of statistics sector

Make available for the public statistical data produced by the institution

Ensure strong collaboration with stakeholders

Produce regular monitoring and progress report to his/her  supervisor


Payments for goods and services:

-    Receive and check conformity and accuracy of payment requests

-    Ensure that funds disbursements are supported by appropriate support documents

-    Ensure safe custody of transaction documents according to rules and regulations

Financial Management and reporting:

-    Ensure conformity of accounting transactions with  financial management rules and procedures

-    Maintain accounting records according to generally accepted accounting principles

-    Prepare complete, accurate and timely financial reports and statements within mandatory deadlines

Facilitate Internal and External Audit exercises

logistic officer attribution

·         Organize, keep records and ensure proper maintenance of fixed and non-fixed assets of the Province:

-          Organize periodic maintenance of buildings, equipment and facilities

-          Organize timely repair operations

-          Process inventory of assets (buildings, equipment, etc.) requiring any particular maintenance and/or repairs

-          Develop asset maintenance plans

-          Follow and control the quality of service for contracted service providers.

·         Budgeting for management and maintenance contracts for buildings and equipment of the institution:

-          Prepare annual budget for fixed and non-fixed assets maintenance

-          Follow-up the implementation of assets maintenance operations

·         Make an inventory of the institution assets:

-          Establish annual inventories for movable and real property

-          Develop disposal and renewal plans for Province assets

-          Prepare inventory-related reports and forward them to authorities for decision making.

·         Manage the stores:

-          Properly manage entries and supplies of goods to different departments and maintain required records thereon;

-          Ensure that security stocks are maintained

-          Carry out any other operation with regard to rolling stock (insurances, registrations, accident, and contravention etc.).

-           Maintain clean stores, office premises and

-          To develop and implement a development plan for documentation and archives

-          To develop a classification plan for Province’s documentation and archives and ensure its implementation by all  services

-           To develop electronic archiving  of  Province’s records

-           To develop archives management  regulations and ensure their implementation

-          To manage the  Province Library encompassing various fields in accordance with scientific standards

-          In conjunction with the all units, to provide a proactive documentation of interest to  Province and especially the technical staff

-          To liaise  with other documentation and archives centres and professional associations

-          Managing the acquisition and borrowing system of documents and other books 

-          To ensure cataloging and indexing of books and maintain an update of Province documentation database

-          To collect and distribute newspapers and official gazettes

-       To inform on new acquisitions

Public Relations and Communication

-          Design and implement annual communication program to inform the public and partners on achievements and activities realized by the Province:

  • Develop annual media plan and consider it in the budget;
  • Maintain relationships with different public and private media;
  • Collect information on complaints from the public services rendered by Province;
  • Design and disseminate messages targeting specific groups via the best suitable media;

-          Organize surveys or opinion polls on services offered by the  Province:

-          Give opinions and recommendations to improve image and quality of Province services.

-          Organize and/or participate in press seminars and conferences involving the  Province while ensuring their dissemination with the media:

§  Write speeches, messages and press releases for authorities

§  Organize interviews

§  Cover audiences and  Province  press conferences

§  Organize radio and televised broadcasts to inform the public on these demonstrations results

Write articles for newspapers on progress of the  Province   missions

-          Inform authorities on quality of the  Province  image according to public and partners point of view:

§  Make critical analysis of publications in national or international media concerning the institution and produce synthetic technical notes to authorities;

Write and send to the authorities the monthly activity report

Finance and Human Resource attributions

·         To promote human resource development

-          To carry out training needs assessment, develop training plans and ensure execution thereof

-          To identify and collaborate with relevant training institutions

-          To organize training and maintain records thereof

·         To manage human resources:

-          To process and follow up staff recruitment and appointment

-          To arrange and participate in performance appraisal

-          To maintain daily staff register and make regular report thereof

-          To maintain staff records (social security, health insurance, leave, etc.)

-          To prepare administrative documents required for staff promotion

-          To receive and handle specific requests submitted by the staff

·         To prepare & manage payrolls:

-          Manages all payroll information and records by directing the collection, calculation and caption of necessary data.

-          Ensure that accurate data on employees is uploaded for payroll processing & payroll is prepared and submitted for approval on time.

-          Generate reports supporting changes in payroll and coordinate the processing of claims;

-          Responsible for processing the payroll from start to finish while making necessary payments/deduction of statutory tax;

-          Processing and administration of loan applications/repayments, pension scheme administration etc;

-           Prepare and reconcile cost reports and assist with benefits administration.

-          Records special remuneration & allowances for consultants & regional experts

-          Maintain employee records for hire, transfer & termination of permanent employees, contractors, consultants.

-          Ensure compliance with national standards & policies on data privacy and record management as they relate to employee information.

-          Prepare various reports by compiling summaries of earnings, taxes, deductions, leave, disability, employee count, and retirement savings.

-          Determines payroll liabilities by approving the calculation of employee income and social security taxes, and employer's social security, unemployment, and workers compensation payments.

-          Resolves employee questions and problems by interpreting pay and benefit policies and procedures.

To manage and advise on staff career development

To provide general counseling service to staff

To regularly update data in the organizational structure


Participate in the annual budget preparation process.

  • Collect budget requests from all units and ensure that these requests are in adequacy with action plans
  • Compile budget requests from units and produce a consolidated draft budget project for the institution in the Smart IFMS in consultation with MINECOFIN.

Participate in the implementation of the annual budget:

Prepare annual expenditure plan consistent with the approved budget and action plans.

  • Prepare monthly and quarterly cash flow plans in the format provided by MINECOFIN.
  • Make regular budget commitments and prepare payment orders for processing by the Treasury.
  • Follow- up the processing of authorization and payments.

Supervise the Preparation of periodic financial reports

  • Prepare monthly and quarterly budget execution reports in the format provided by MINECOFIN;

Participate in the preparation of the annual financial statements in the area concerning budget execution


-          Supervise the procurement process in  Province

§  Prepare and publish the annual  procurement plan;

§  Prepare bidding documents;

§  Publish and distribute invitations to bid;

§  Receive and safe keeping of bids;

§  Obtain approvals for the award of contracts from competent authorities;

§  Prepare notification of tender award;

§  Publish the results of tender;

§  Act as Secretary of  Tender Committee;

-          Monitor contract management:

§  Ensure adequate contract execution in collaboration with the concerned department;

-          Preparation of reports and maintenance of records:

§  Provide information and documents requested by Rwanda Public Procurement Authority;

§  Produce regular reports as stipulated in the procurement regulations;

Keeping proper procurement proceeding records.

Advisor to Governor Attributions

-          Provide technical advise  to  the Governor:

  • Examine all technical information (documents, files, reports, etc.) in line with core missions/business of   Province;
  • Analyze the Memorandum of Understanding and Bilateral Agreement submitted to the Province  and provide strategic advisor on all matters relating  to the strategies,  projects and  publics investment programs;
  • Analyze the annual institutional performance and provide technical advise for improvement:
  • Set up the tools and mechanisms for monitoring and evaluation of  the   coherence between the Province programs and legal framework with      the millennium development goals, the Country Vision 2020, the EDPRS and  other national policies  regarding Province’s intervention  area
  • Liaise with stakeholders and other institutions regarding their relationships with the Province;
  • Advise on capacity building orientations;

-          Provide media and communications advice to Province:

  • Coordinate the elaboration of the Province’s annual media plan and ensure its implementation;
  • Regularly coordinate and disseminate information
  • Feed information to the concerned departments in  the Ministry of Local Government;
  • Review speeches and messages to be delivered by the Governor;

Act as the spokesperson and maintain good image of Province.

Governor Administrative Assistant attributions

-          Prepare the Governor’s agenda:

§  Prepare appointment schedule

§  Arrange for appointments

-          Prepare and manage correspondences :

§  To prepare correspondences of the Governor

§  To record, dispatch and assort office mail

§  To manage the filing of documents

§  To ensure telephone communication within the Office

-          Read and verify the form and substance of documents submitted to the Governor

-          Forward documents submitted by the Governor to their respective destinations

-          Responsible for handling VIP visitors to the Governor

Arrange logistical details  for all meetings chaired by the Governor


-          To supervise and evaluate the performance of the personnel of the  Province;

-          To coordinate and control the implementation of activities of the Province on the basis of political and administrative decisions taken by the Province Security Council and Province Coordination Committee ;

-          To examine files to be submitted to the Governor for consideration;

-          To ensure proper utilization of Province  assets;

-          To closely monitor the execution of projects in the Province;

-          To coordinate the Province human resource management ;

-          To supervise the elaboration and implementation of the strategic plan MTEF, budget and action plan of the Province;

-          To ensure the execution of the budget in conformity to laws and regulations. 

-          To follow up the development and implementation of the procurement plan;

- To authorise Province payments


-          To represent the State in her/his Constituency

-          To disseminate and promote awareness of the general policy of the country and to sensitize the population on the decisions taken from National Level  and/or from the Local Administration;

-          To ensure the execution of decisions taken by the Province  Security Council  and directives issued by higher authorities of the Country;

-          To elaborate quarterly and annual reports on the situation prevailing in the Province and forward them to the  MINALOC and other institutions;

-          To regularly supervise the implementation of programs and activities of the  Province &  districts;

-          To establish regulations related to policies to be executed;

-          To initiate measures and mechanisms for the maintenance of security of people and property in the Province

-          To initiate and give directives that can boost the socio-economic development of the Province;

-          To promote relations with other  national and international organizations  operating in the  Province;

- To offer regular orientations aiming to improve Province performance


-          Organise periodical and annual audits of the Province  regarding  legal texts and procedures governing organisation and human resources management: 

·         Verify the compliance of the structure with the organizational one approved by the authorities

·         Audit the level of implementation of the institution programmes  

·         Propose useful amendments to improve the procedures, supports, and rules related to the performance evaluation of the institution.

·         Verify the compliance with the legal framework of the administrative acts : salaries, incumbent/work position matching, recruitments, training, career evolution, files agents keeping, and up dating of related data basis

-     Supervise  Districts audit regarding the  respect of legal texts and procedures governing the budget execution in Districts and provide advice there upon:

·         Conduct the annual financial and accountancy audit

·          Evaluate the quality of the finance statements produced

·         Control the steadiness of expenses and payments

·         Verify the regular updating of the accountancy books

·         Verify the compliance, the legality and accuracy of all debts documents

·         Verify that the account operations correspond to assets movement and are cross checked at reasonable intervals, and that theses assets exist

·         Verify that the expended funds have been used according to prior  programmes

·         Propose useful amendments to improve the procedures, supports, and rules related to a priori and a posteriori budgetary controls and of financial and accountancy operations


-          Analyse  the periodical and annual audits of the Districts and  Province regarding  legal texts and procedures governing the assets managements and provide advice thereupon :

·         Verify the quality of assets security

·         Propose indicators to trigger physical control (census) of assets (buildings and equipments)

·         Control the rationality and logical repartition of these assets amongst units, agencies or entities under supervision

·         Produce periodical reports based on results of audits that have been conducted

-          To make follow-up on the implementation of the Auditor General’s recommendations to the District and Province:

  • To analyze reports of the Auditor General of State Finances  concerning the Institution

-          To ensure implementation of recommendations of the Auditor General of State Finances directed to the  Districts & Province and  provide advice there upon